Nasty. Dirty. Messy.


I like to get dirty. Mud on my face, tromp through the sludge, dirt under my fingernails dirty. I don’t mind going a few weeks without a shower. My life is a constant struggle of trying to catch-up on shaving my legs and pedicures that are scheduled around trips. I base my overall health on how my body smells.

I’m most beautiful on trail. Day 5. Right after a cup of coffee at 7:30 am.

I hope my embrace lightens your load, even for just a moment. I want to walk you through the swamps of shame and guilt but I won’t allow either of us to sit there long.

Did you know that you are incredible and serene and worth listening to?

Your opinions matter.
Your questions are valid.
You are worthy.
You are capable.
You are His favorite creation.

On your worst day, when your mind wins the battle and defeat and depression wash over you- He still calls you his most prized possession. Please do not lose sight of that truth.

And I’m fully aware that climbing a peak doesn’t necessarily mean it is a mountain-top-experience, and that is okay. The victory may just be waking up. I’m here to celebrate that, too.

I know that I can’t relieve the weight you bring to the table. I am here to acknowledge that heaviness exists and to show you that it isn’t yours to carry anymore. That pack you’re carrying is getting lighter day-by-day— Do you feel it?

Can I tell you that what you learn at home will pale in comparison to the lessons you learned on trail? Also, it may take a week, a month, or ten years but one day you will look back on these moments and realize it was the salt of your life. You were meant to be there in that alpine lake, around that fire, holding that two-cup. You were meant to see those stars.

We hold your stories. As guides, we fight prayerfully for the goodness of stories yet to be told. We pray and hope for that redemption and reconciliation long after we part ways.

Your stories impact our lives in significant ways.

As guides, we are in your life for a millisecond. I hope that we showed you a savior that wants nothing more than to hold you and lift you up. I hope we showed you freedom and community. I hope we showed you joy, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. I hope your heart is transforming in uncomfortable ways.

And what about ‘if not?’ What if you walked away as a skeptic? Angry? Questioning? Disbelief? If not, He is still GOOD… and I still love you.

I like to get dirty. I like to hold frogs and pick up worms. I like sharing space with you which inevitably means getting messy.

And your mess is a mess worth stepping into.


Thanks for getting nasty, dirty, and messy with me.



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