About Us

Over smoothie bowls and hours spent lying in the grass, C and M began talks of a platform for women to share their stories of growth and transition between life events. When C decided to follow her gut to California, and M saw her path leading towards a future in Minnesota, Presently was born.

Presently is a place to honor stories in the moment. Presently is a place to dig deep and lean into life stories.

We believe we are greatness. We believe we are game changers. We believe that we are warriors.

Join us in the journey.




A spontaneous free spirit with a passion for all things adventurous and empowering. Type 7. ENFP. C enjoys trekking over mountains and running marathons. ¬†When she isn’t writing, saving lives, or working on her graduate degree she is probably reorganizing her bedroom to whispering words of encouragement to her sweet houseplants.